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Who We Are

H2Africa is a school club based at Fairfield Warde High School founded by Gary Oster, Daniel Shur and Adam Shur. The members of this club are devoted to helping the people of Africa in all areas of their lives. Their first project is to help solve the water crisis by installing a PlayPump (playpumps.org) in Africa. One PlayPump costs $14,000 and provides 2,500 people with clean drinking water. Nestle was moved by H2Africa’s efforts and has agreed to match $7,000, thus cutting their efforts in half.

The Founders

Gary Oster: He is a sophomore at Fairfield Warde High School and hopes to inspire the youth of America. He won a trip to South Africa with National Geographic kids. To see more about this life-changing experience, please visit the article about his travels on another page of this website. Recently, he won the contest, Nestle Very Best In Youth for his academic and outstanding community service work. His trip to South Africa has inspired him help this club become a reality.

Daniel Shur: He is a sophomore at Fairfield Warde High School and when heard Gary’s story of Africa, he was moved and wanted to help out the people of Africa. So, he helped start this club and with a lot of hard work, creativity, and perseverance, has made it become a reality.

Adam Shur: Daniel’s older brother, Adam, is a senior at Fairfield Warde High School and was moved by Gary’s story as well and immediately wanted to help. With his knowledge and experience, he motivated and helped us to make our club complete and raise many donations. His knowledge of graphic design led to him creating our logo.

Core Members

Marisa Hom
Grace Kim
Patrick Schulman
Neil Gade
Alec Jacobson
Alex Beyer
Andrew De Castro
Johnny Shea
Christian Gartland
Kei Nishumura-Gasparian


Bigelow Tea Company
PlayPumps International



  • When I was a little boy, I dreamed of becoming an explorer. At age 12, National Geographic Kids selected me as a Young Explorer and took me to South Africa. I went into a shark cage with a Great White shark biting on the bars and I climbed on cliffs where people lived 15,000 years ago.  Then they took me to the African Townships and I saw the schools the kids go to. I walked in their... [Read More]


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