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Hands on Explorer Challenge

by Gary Oster

When I was 13 years old, I entered the National Geographic Kids: Hands on Explorer Challenge. I wrote an essay and sent in a photo. 5,000 kids entered and I was one of the lucky 30 kids that made it to the semifinals. I had an interview with National Geographic Kids and 12 hours later, they called me saying that I was one of the lucky 15 winners. I had won a trip to South Africa for 10 days with many cool people and amazing sights. I will never forget that experience and I hope to share it with you too. So, please watch the ongoing slideshow or look through my photo album. If you have any questions about my trip or H2Africa, please don’t hesitate to ask

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  • When I was a little boy, I dreamed of becoming an explorer. At age 12, National Geographic Kids selected me as a Young Explorer and took me to South Africa. I went into a shark cage with a Great White shark biting on the bars and I climbed on cliffs where people lived 15,000 years ago.  Then they took me to the African Townships and I saw the schools the kids go to. I walked in their... [Read More]


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