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You can make a difference too!

To donate, simply click on the donate button and follow the directions.

H2Africa is made up of many people who are eager to help our cause. Ordinary children and people can make a difference, which is clearly demonstrated by this group. So, you can make a difference too. If you don’t have time to lend a hand at fundraisers, please donate or spread the word. The more people who know about the problems Africans face every day, the more efficient we will become at solving it. So, please share this website and everything you have learned with your friends, family and the public.

If you are feeling very ambitious, you could even contact us and set up a branch of H2Africa in your own school! We would support you in your efforts because the more people who are involved, the faster we will reach our goal. Remember, awareness is just as important as donations so if you can’t donate or lend a hand, lend some words that will make the whole world understand these issues and ordinary people will help us reach our goal and improve the world that much more.

Thank you.


  • When I was a little boy, I dreamed of becoming an explorer. At age 12, National Geographic Kids selected me as a Young Explorer and took me to South Africa. I went into a shark cage with a Great White shark biting on the bars and I climbed on cliffs where people lived 15,000 years ago.  Then they took me to the African Townships and I saw the schools the kids go to. I walked in their... [Read More]


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